Raleigh DUI Attorney

DUI/DWI Arrest Scenarios

The world is full of possibilities, and many different scenarios can ultimately lead to a DUI arrest. However, if a police officer pulls you over, it is most likely for one of three scenarios:

Once you have been pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, a police officer may ask you questions about where you have been, and if you have been drinking. It is best to be polite while remaining as silent as possible.

Our DUI Attorney Understands the Flaws of Field Sobriety Tests

After questioning you, the officer may want you to submit to a battery of field sobriety tests. These tests are very subjective, and most officers have already made up their minds that you are intoxicated before they administer them. You have no legal obligation to take an FST, so it is in your best interest to politely refuse. After this, your officer may require you to blow into a portable Breathalyzer machine. While you may refuse this test as well, you may face consequences such as a suspended license.

At this point, the officer will probably place you under arrest and take you down to the station to be booked and take a blood or other chemical test to determine your BAC. Stay calm and remain silent. Once your bail is set and you are out, you will want an experienced Raleigh DUI attorney to represent your case. If you have recently experienced a DUI arrest, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Raleigh DUI attorney today.