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Raleigh BAC Test Attorney

If you are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI or DWI, a police officer might ask you to take a BAC test. A BAC test may come in one of several forms and, unlike a Field Sobriety Test, it is something that you cannot refuse without additional penalties. If you are facing a DUI charge where you were asked to take a BAC test, you need an experienced Raleigh DUI attorney to help you fight the charge.

A BAC test is a chemical test that measures the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream, thereby gaining scientific proof of your intoxication while driving. You may be asked to blow into a portable Breathalyzer or Intoxilyzer test at your car, or you may be taken down to the station for a blood test or urine test. In addition to alcohol, a blood or urine test could also test for traces of contraband drugs in your system.

At our law firm, our DUI defense lawyers have years of experience representing clients in Raleigh and surrounding counties against all types of DUI charges. Our lawyers know that even machines make mistakes sometimes, and BAC tests are not nearly as foolproof as they might seem. Breathalyzers can be thrown off by arbitrary factors like burping or using breath spray within a half hour of taking the test. Even blood tests can become contaminated through improper blood-drawing techniques—swabbing skin around the draw site with rubbing alcohol, a common disinfecting procedure, can considerably raise the level of alcohol detected in a blood test. In court, these common mistakes can cast doubt on the prosecution and lead to an acquittal or even a dismissal altogether.

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If you have failed a chemical BAC test, you might think that your defense is shot through and that it’s best to just plead guilty. This could not be further from the case. To review your case and discuss your options, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh DUI attorney today.